• Constitution of Ideologies

    Goals. The core idea to accomplish a purpose in life is to have a Goal, a goal so definite that it should serve to complete the ambitions of life and the only catalyst responsible for these effects are the entity called dreams. The innate wishes of the mind becomes a channel to draw inspiration from the energy and motivates your soul to move ahead and achieve the impossible. Later, to define you as a human being you become to be.

    Truth. The determination to seek within oneself and to discover who am I? Helped me to raise a level of introspective thinking, the unbiased analysis lead to the realisation of every mistakes I happened to commit in the past and the provocative lessons learned from the resulting failures on a personal, private as well as professional grandeur. But that definitely was not disappointing since they built the foundation of my very own personal integrity and a commitment to never repeat the same mistakes again, for this very thought has evolved to become the principle theory of my life to. 

    “Lead, Guide and Serve”.

    Values. The fundamental motto of my life now gave a true sense of direction and the confidence that the momentum was being carried on the right paths which lead to final glory. I have grown to become a happier person. A total belief in my ideologies and an absolute trust on the capabilities felt the need of attaining the precise set of values to satisfy the conduct of my goals. Self-esteem, satisfaction and happiness is achieved when your goals and activities are congruent with your values. That you consider really important. The values were focused upon achieving goals related to my own personal, family and material goals through self-development, determination and discipline.

    “The time is always right to do what is right”

    Action. An organised plan of action was set forward with an idea to complete all the work due and to analyse the tasks ahead in order of importance. Organised plan of action is the key to all success while action without planning is the cause of all failures. Starting with writing down all the goals on a piece of paper and deciding which has to be done first and which has to be done last. Which is more important and which is less important. Completing it in a day to day basis. This was the master skill to success. It does not depend on education or on your upbringings. Work Hard & Work Smart.

    “Either you are working to achieve your goals or you are working to achieve others goal”

    Analysis. Our subconscious works on the list while the body is asleep, solving problems and deriving solutions in the mind which results in having the next day progressively filled with full of ideas, intuitions or answers which would make for a productive day. With a list it helps in analysing the progress and stages. When you complete each task there comes a wonderful feeling of accomplishment.

    “Happiness is the progressive realisation of a worthy ideal”

    Future. The value of time is directly proportional to the success of the future working on pivotal tasks and organised actions helps monitoring the valuable use of time and that alone would be enough to make you an effective person and be more productive with improved performance and attain rewards by a greater percentile. Every task you do should accomplish something for your future. Most people spend as much as 80% of their time spend dealing with their problems and difficulties of the past and 20 % of the opportunities of the future. Successful people analyse task on the basis of their impact on future. Important tasks have effect on future and unimportant tasks have importance in the present or future.

    “The futurity of decision is the key to measuring the values”

    Focus. You have to concentrate on one thing and accomplish it in a single stroke and that is the key to success. Single handling. Start with working on a task and staying on it until it’s finished. It’s all right to loose on some other tasks comparatively less pivotal while you were focusing on to achieve the most important work. Its fine because you are doing the most important task which will impact on your future rest assure everything else. If you do task which bare importance you will feel accomplished and enthusiastic than doing tasks which aren’t worth anything or achievement. Stress and anxiety comes by doing tasks which are not important. So concentrate single minded on one thing at a time.

    “Concentration is that ability to not think about anything”

    Time. The more successful you are you will learn to measure your time in minutes instead of hours, days or weeks. Keep track of what you are spending your time on. Discipline yourself to measure your time every single day. Procrastination of work is a very common phenomena and there are two kinds of procrastination. Positive procrastination where you indulge in doing low priority tasks. Negative procrastination where you delay on most important tasks. Urgent task are not important always and future tasks are seldom important so work mainly on important tasks. Keep an attitude of NOW / NEVER. Be the kind of person who does thing urgently and right Away. Every successful person has a sense of urgency. Get your job done fast. Take a task and break it down to slices and work towards it have a SENSE OF URGENCY. Important work requires chunks of time. Most important work can only be done at 90 minutes. So cut out lots of time for a task. Administrative work and creative work cannot be done at same time. Come early. Start early. Travel prepared and work with that travel time. Pay very close attention to conversation. Less time taken and without interruptions.

    “Time and Tide waits for no man”

    Delegate. Delegate simply means that if your goal is to earn 50,000 $ a year then it is 25 dollars an hour. So every hour value your work at 25$ and if you can work for 25$ a hour on a task and there if you have someone working for less than 25 $ a hour then delegate, outsource work to them. Do tasks that are more expensive per hour. Let the laundry, and other works be done by people who are ready to do it for less than your 25$ an hour rate. If you cannot delegate, you cannot grow, you cannot develop. Delegation is clarity. Think through what you want to be done, write it down. Pick the right person to do it. Make it crystal clear what you want done and when you want it done. Check and follow up on your delegate to be updated on tasks running on schedule or not. Never assume it will be done. Delegate everything you can. Never assume things will be done on time unless you check on it.

    “Assumptions lie at the root of all follow ups.”

    Resources. Being resourceful is as effective and a derivative path to success. Realise all the possibilities and methods in general to get a work done. There is always a way out even with closed doors or walls. There is always a world of possibilities beyond the obstacle and there is always a hack around the wall. Think on a miniature level about all the available options and discover the best fit method to tackle the issue. It is also important to make the best use of your resources. Find every alternative possibility to make the most productive potential out of your inventory and there is always a million possibilities and room for improvisations.

    “Nothing is Impossible”

    Organise. Every single initiative introduced in life follows a learning curve where the first experience is always the longest and hardest to cap within a timeframe but also an experience which teaches every aspect of the situation. The skills are attained with further experience on the task and prolonged periods of actions developing the agility and proportionate quality with time on that task. Hence to improve efficiency the best method is to batch the tasks separately and assemble it on a general scale. This helps in improving the process of skill while working on each aspect of the work individually rather than repeatedly following the same process over and over again.

    “It takes a lifetime to organise your life”

    Knowledge. Every person earns on the basis of the knowledge he has in store and earns the right potential success with a proper application of his ideas. So take in more information and knowledge to succeed in your profession and keep the learning edge to be updated in your field. Spend every day one hour investing in your own mind. Read every day an hour and learn. Less than that schedule would mean you are falling behind while about 2 hours daily could make an awesome change. Utilise time of travelling for this purpose. Listening to radio helps you stay informed on current affairs. Take some particular tasks to read or write in your coffee breaks. Every break is 20 minutes long which gives you hours in a year and if you stick to reading on a subject on a daily basis you will be a perfect in that particular task. Read at lunch time. You will grow more with knowledge. Keep stuffs on read later. And read them in your spare time. Use the gifts of time.

    “Knowledge is having the right answer and intelligence is asking the right question”

    Punctuality. A Reputation of being punctual is hard to create and easy to lose. There is only a minute in time where you can be punctual. Either you are early or you are late. Being late is negative time loss and being early is positively time loss. Being punctual develops a reputation for personality. They are competent, valuable, intelligent, reliable and efficient or responsible with discipline.

    “Better late than never but never late is better”

    Simplicity. Systemise the process. Mechanise, systemise and simplify the system by doing things work faster and streamline the processes. Do things you are better at, it is the quality of leaders. Make fewer mistakes. Do things together with a Team with effective team working skills.

    “Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication”

    Decline. Learn to say no to tasks activities and work that doesn’t contribute to your important most work. Don’t do work for the sense of obligation. Let me think about it. And after thinking if you don’t want to do. Say no and thank for considering with the opportunity and give reason straight and honestly. Just Say NO – it’s a very powerful word.

    “Sometimes we need to say No, So that we have more time to say Yes”

    Balance. Maintain a character. Trust your instincts. Be brave and smart. Stay firm with your integrity and personality. Don’t fall prey to the emotions of life or live to impress others. Never listen to the naysayers and stay away from negative reflections. Avoid bad companies or influences. Stay composed with your levels of comfort and maintain the freedom of expressions and be true to yourself and others. Have a sense of humour and judgement all at a time to analyse the world around and keep an open eye for opportunities and stay positive over the time. Get extra hours a day for fun to improve the quality of your life. One of the most important thing is to spend time with your loved ones and that is the purpose of your living and commitment to success. For success comes from priorities and the people that you love are your one high priority after all you are doing things for them. They must be your life. They must be your help. They must be your peace of mind. They must be the reason for your spiritual development. They complete you as a human being. Maintain your health and enjoy every moment in life keep smiling and live to the full 100%. Just know that you are breathing and understand how important it is. Have energy, enthusiasm and self-esteem. 

    "Be yourself."

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