• Sophrosyne Effect

    A gentle wind was blowing filled with the fragrance of fresh fruits and blossoming flowers. A tune was playing in my head and my walk was in sync with it. I could feel the peace in my soul. My body was relaxing and I was slipping into the tender care of our nature with time. Nothing else matters. The tranquility that surrounded me was astounding. I moved forward with the wind as I had given up myself completely into it. Just like a leaf coming down of its parent tree, I was swinging here and there pointless. Everything around me looked perfect. The sky was hiding the sun with a blanket of thick cloud like a mother who covers her son before a storm. Only a ray of light passed through the cloud and I could see the child staring at me brightly. I was standing alone on the mountain top like a unicorn with its wings stretched far wide. The tender grass below my feet tickled me with my each step. I had a bird’s eye view of the beautiful earth below. Spread across filling every inch of my vision. I just stood staring at that amazing view. I had the time of my life and wished that I could spend each second of my life and keep breathing like this.

    The temperature started falling. I could feel the chill in my spines. The clear atmosphere grew dull and a shower of blessings from the holy heaven came in the form of rain. All the worries in my mind were getting washed away and my heart was healing slowly. I was drenched in the rain and was struggling inside with a battle of past events in my life. I was realizing the real motive of life.

    Hours later, everything was calm again. I was experiencing a healthy state of mind along with a self control over my emotions and feelings. The tug of war between my heart and mind was over. The results were in the favour of the inner soul. I learned the power of forgetting my worries and the might of the truth inside me. Raised above the odds and felt like a complete human being.

    Till date I remember this part of my life when I felt Sophrosyne.

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