• Cosmic Concept

    My Imagination has always been stirred by a mysterious sense of the vastness of our Universe. Spending time looking up at the pitch black night sky and its glitter, with the myriads of stars and the way I felt that awesome glamour of outer space, makes me speechless. Don't tell me that never in your life have you been moved by the majestic splendor of the nocturnal heaven.

    The whole mystery can be indulged by trying to understand the concepts of space and time within our confines of science. Space is that realm of the Universe where everything exists and events occur with respect to their own relative position and direction. In physics, space is conceived in three dimensions which are length, breadth and height - although time constitutes with space to form a boundless continuum called space-time, making it a four dimensional entity. Whereas time has only one entity: it travels from your past, through the present, and to the future.

    It is inevitable, unrepeatable and irreversible. We may feel how time, in its exorable passage, is carrying us away; we could neither halt nor prolong it. Not a single moment of existence could be recovered. You can imagine it as a feeling like you are falling off from a cliff without any aid, you can’t control the flow or accelerate or decelerate the rate at which you descent.
    Space and time are the universal forms of the existence of matter throughout the Universe.
    In the material world everything has its own extensions and durations, not only the events of the external world, but also all the feelings and thoughts take place in space and time. The Universe is continuously expanding. We can put the finite and infinite character of the Universe in this way: the summation of all the things and objects that exist in the Universe is finite, but the totality of finite things and processes occurring every moment is infinite.

    We can find ourselves standing somewhere between the infinite expansion of universe taking place in every direction around us. You could possibly be a tiny speck in comparison to the huge celestial bodies in the cosmos, but at the same time also a giant, considering the microorganisms that coexist with us. It completely depends upon the spatial reference form of the observer and the human perception or measurement standards.

    It is widely noticed that when you are blissful, the time around you feels to be quite fast, whereas when you are experiencing sorrow or grief, every moment of the time is acknowledged to be slow. If you can possibly travel in the speed of time, you will find everything stationery, since time will slow down at the same rate at which you travel.
    Change is everything.
    Both space and time are absolute and are forms of matter in motion which are not indifferent to their content. They are conditioned by matter; as a form is conditioned by its content and every level of the motion of matter possess its own space-time structure. An object doesn't leave an empty form behind with its moment in time. There is a continuous event of processes that occurs, which makes it more complex and its rhythm with time acquires special space-time properties.

    Once a particular event occurs, it is followed by consecutive events and processes that follow or generate with the time spent. There never happens to be a moment in the future of time when nothing would exist further. The chain of events would evolve over time and everything in the cosmos interacts with each other despite their distance or diversity. It would be a folly to consider a beginning or end of times.
    The Universe in itself is infinitely old and eternally young!

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