• Distinct Minds

    Deep inside when you are tensed, worried or when you are feeling lonesome and hurt, you go through a phase when a flashback of events just run in your minds. Your mind processes through all the memories and create a clear picture of the present situation before you or else you feel completely lost. Take a moment and close your eyes, you will be able to channel through your thoughts and memories in a fraction of a second. The might of our mind is indescribable, untameable and natural. In our Lives we go through a series of incidents and consequences. This chain of events are constantly developed and redeveloped in our lives to create a database of feelings which in fact builds our character.

    People react to situations differently. These are a result of the various distinct experiences a person goes through. You are thought as a child that a black cat crossing your path is a bad omen and you start believing it as a truth for your whole life. A Fundamental explanation to this can be given that every person is nurtured in a different way by its surroundings and this creates a complete set of a unique individuality, who in this world eats, bonds, thinks and survive similarly yet in a contrasting way. The whole universe evolves constantly and with that even our thoughts, culture and manners do. This change is brought about by the same principle of distinctive characteristics synchronizing together which helps the universe think and evolve simultaneously. A mind is a constant in every thinking living being. Only that the human mind is more evolved than our fellow earthlings. Our survival instincts are developed and we scrutinize every situation and find a solution for the same. Every aspect of the world thus witnesses a total change in the core level.
    Change is everything. These processes and events thus produce the world we live in.
    Each and everything around us are therefore a result of our own karmas and that is the very reason why it is said that we create our own world. There happens to be a symbiotic relation between the living and nonliving part of the world. We are the two sides of the same coin saying that we all are composed of the same matter but in a different constituents and it includes even the mind and life in us. Every small change collectively result a characteristic change to the ecosystem we survive in.

    Therefore every thought that occurs in your mind becomes a thought in the core of the universe where some ideas develop for ourselves a better future and some destroy the very existence of life.

    The Universe thinks with your mind in it
    Our Mind is very complex compared to other organisms and therefore our life is rapidly changing and evolving compared to other races and breeds of living things. Under the roof of Earth everyone of us breathe the same air and share our space. But not every mind thinks same and we can never read a persons mind for instance.
    All our Knowledge has its origin in our perception
    Our Success in the universal level has been due to the might of our minds thinking distinctively yet simultaneously. MIND IT !

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