• Proxemic Paradigms

    How did you feel the last time you hugged someone special?

    One of the best experiences in the world is when you hug someone. The proximity you share with that person is shared through that intimate posture. A handshake used as a sign of gratitude. A smile used as an act of kindness. All comprise to form a set of gestures of non verbal communication. The amount of space that people feels it necessary to set between them and others differ with emotions, relations or even cultures and dialects. 

    The study of man's transactions as he perceives and uses intimate, personal, social and public space in various settings while following out of awareness, dictates of cultural paradigms also known as Proxemics.

    We subconsciously space ourselves apart or close to people we interact with. The study on these Social interactions and their cultural fluctuations helps to explain the idea of distance. We always trust the people who are close to us and are familiar with the emotions we share. The comfort level changes with an entry of a stranger into that living space. Humans tend to start a conversation with the most common pitch questions asked, relating to one another and in this process he analyses the possible character or tend to rate the person on his personality portrayed and his style of presentation. Appearance also plays a role in judging a person. These factors help us to decide on the levels of proximity.

    On a Global basis, we acquire skills to understand the stories beyond our scope, Like feeling the pain of a war fought between nations far than your home territory, the existence of the world we have never seen before but still strongly believe on its existence. I have never been to the Pyramids of Giza, but I still believe and wonder its marvel in every way I know, it is there for real. This is the same reason why we feel to cry when we see an emotional scene in a movie and laugh your guts out on comedian’s gimmicks and even go crazy over the dance moves of Michael Jackson. It all happens for the reason that we have already known the causes or have experienced the thrills of life similar to the world out there.

    There are anyway limitations to this model, when it comes to an overall perception. We are trained from our birth to ape and adapt to the ambience which surrounds our living enclosure. Not everyone has the mindset to absorb everything in the right context of its appearance or the way it is delivered. We tend to make our silly mistakes and misunderstandings on others and hence differ on their opinions. This results in gap between relations, and could build up extensively over time. The space increases the social differences in communities and relations. The holy books of all religions in the world ask its disciples to follow the peace that promises to unify the world beyond the cultures and make it a wonderful world to live. The practice of love and care for the needy, the act of Kindness or even as a guide to others on the pathway to truth.

    May Tomorrow be a day you shall fill the space between your fingers with a tender touch

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