• Divine Bliss

    One pleasant night, I was contemplating the true meaning of happiness. This simple question arose from my mind and filled me with ecstasy. Actually do you remember the last moments in your life when you were totally blissful? An iota of true happiness that surrounded your soul in satisfaction and your heart sang in the rhythm unconsciously. This are the moments when you just let your soul flow in its rhymes. Bliss is truly an elusive state of mind, a volatile, positive element in our life

    According to Upanishads, the true nature of life is

                  Sathyam (reality)                 Chith (consciousness)                    Anandam (bliss)

    The whole mankind is united in conviction that a complete blissful state itself is a deception point.Whereas the point actually is revealed by Buddha’s teachings as

    “If with a pure mind you speak or act, than happiness follows you as a shadow that never departs”
    However, this bliss proves to be unsatisfactory for those who are in the quest for an insatiable happiness, which should be permanent to stay lifelong and this very quest takes humanity to divinity. After all he is in attempt to transcend his own ambience to attain the “divine bliss”

    In his quest he practices and follows a disciplined path, His integrity is enhanced, thus his behavior is congruent to his ideologies.

    His mind becomes his guide which focuses on happiness that is earned with the passage of time rather than the pleasant or momentary happiness which is easily attained but last for some moments only. He Recognizes the immortal self in him, it’s a folly to consider yourself as the body or mind you wear. He starts Understanding himself, his dreams, and his wishes. Write his own fate and follow the things in which he keeps desire. Once he is prepared he follows the noble path to attain the highest degree of happiness. He gets to Know the antonyms of happiness as there is always elements that are eager to push him down in his journey.Remember that the path that gives you the hardships is always the correct path. Finally, when he attains the divine bliss he gets himself into these moments and enjoy it. Every person in their life will once experience the complete satisfaction in their journey so make a point that you realize it and cherish this moments 

    Conclusively, the true meaning of happiness is hidden within you and it is to- 
    Stop seeking happiness and spread happiness, it is the true pursuit of happiness!

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